Tennille Zammit Family Session
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014
By K n J Photography
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Tennille and her family came to me only a month ago or so to book in their famliy session.  Much to my delight their shoot date that was chosen turned out to be one of the best golden light moments all month.  Children are always a little stand offish at a shoot session for the first 15 mins or so but after sitting down with them on their own chatting to them taking a few test shots and having a joke or two with them they all seemed to warm to my camera pretty quickly as did Mum and Dad too.  Posed shots are gorgeous but so are the unposed candid shots like some of what was captured in this session.  The key to having a great shoot session with your photographer is to LAUGH, have some fun, sometimes ignore the camera and tell a joke with the kids have a tickle war.. All these things can help create those special memories that portray exactly who YOU are, not what someone makes you be.  :) 

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